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Consultation & Design

Assess and diagnose the unique situation; recommend services or products that will exceed expectations.


Install and configure hardware and/or software; ensure that it is meeting all needs and functioning as intended.

Maintenance & Repair

Assess a device and recommend services or products to properly maintain it or repair it contingent upon the state of the device.

Coding & development

Design and develop a highly functional and responsive website that elegantly portrays a business or organization.

Our culture

"Corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within the control of the entrepreneur. Develop a strong corporate culture first and foremost."

Orbweaver was born as a side project of a bored teenager. Over the years, Orbweaver took name and blossomed into a passion project that has grown into a family.

Orbweaver is a family and strives to accomplish that culture for all customers. If we can't do what you need, we'll help find someone who can.

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About Orbweaver

Orbweaver is a small business in Saint Louis, MO that specialises in the consultation, installation, maintenance, and repair of IT hardware and software.

Phone: (618) 900-2424

Email: michael@orbweaver.tech

About Titan

Titan is the theme on which the Orbweaver website is built, which can be found here.